Several Xclusive Dutch Releaseparties [to be announced soon]
We will spend extra attention to these new releases and give away several copies of them. Give aways will be handed out around 02.00 hour in the Mainhall.

From 21.11.03 on there will be two dancefloors available during each CYBERIA.
Our Mainfloor will be at the Mainhall, where we will play Cybergothic Hits & Tips. Expect a lot of new releases from wellknown and unknown new bands. ofcourse we also play some 80's & 90's classixs there. This CYBERIA will be a "Electr:c :ndustr:" edition, so extra attention to new "Electro/Industrieel" bands and music !

Our New Dancefloor is situated in the front of the Cafe and there the "theme's" will vary every party !
During this party on 19.12.03 this cafe floor will be filled with: Electro/ Industrieel Classixs from the 80's & 90's + Dark Industrial music

Do you have special requests for our new dancefloor, mail them to: cybercase@cybergothic.nl and we will try to play them all !

Watch our CYBER-TV for more info on the winning numbers and also check out the info on new releases that we are playing and videoclips that we present to you on large videoscreen and extra monitors.

During our upcoming XTREACTOR / CYBERIA we will spend Xtra attention to:
We will spin some extra songs from this LP and we will give away 5 copies to "lucky" visitors of XTREACTOR / CYBERIA.

Early Visitors of XTREACTOR will have more chance to win, so be there early !
Winning numbers will be announced during our CYBERIA dancenight around 02.00 hour, so check out our CYBER-TV [ also with some nice new Cybergothic videoclips ! ]
Thanks to the band SPERMBLASTER for providing us with the give aways ! [ They are also futured on this sampler with the song "Sacrifice" ]